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Актобе қаласында «Телефондар мен планшеттер жөндеу»

What services do mobile phone repair specialists offer in Aktobe?

Mobile phone repair specialists in Aktobe offer a range of services, including diagnosing issues with smartphones, repairing or replacing faulty components such as screens, batteries, charging ports, and cameras, unlocking phones, software troubleshooting, data recovery, and more.

How can I find a reliable mobile phone repair specialist in Aktobe on inDrive.Services?

To find a dependable mobile phone repair specialist using inDrive.Services:
  • Visit our website or use the inDrive App.

  • Select the mobile phone repair service category.

  • Provide details about your phone and the issue you're facing.

  • Receive proposals from specialists within a short time.

  • Review and select a specialist based on ratings, reviews, portfolio, profile, and price.

  • Contact the chosen specialist directly by phone or using WhatsApp.

What are the benefits of inDrive.Services for hiring a mobile phone repair specialist?

Hiring a mobile phone repair specialist via inDrive.Services ensures:
  • Quick & Efficient Search: All you need to do is to fill out a quick form and receive proposals promptly after submitting your request. Usualy it takes no more than 5 minutes*

  • Trustworthiness: All specialists on our platform undergo a verification process to ensure reliability.

  • Ratings and reviews on professionals: Use reviews, ratings, and portfolio insights to make the best choice.

  • Price Negotiation: Engage in direct pricing discussions with specialists for transparency and value.

Can I request emergency mobile phone repair services?

Our platform connects you with specialists who often provide emergency mobile phone repair services. When filling out the form, specify the urgency to get timely responses.

How long does a mobile phone repair usually take?

The duration of a mobile phone repair varies based on the issue's complexity. Simple repairs like screen replacements or battery replacements might take an hour or less. However, more complex issues, such as motherboard repairs or water damage, could take several hours or require a follow-up visit.

What is the average price for a mobile phone repair in Aktobe?

Prices for mobile phone repairs in Aktobe can differ depending on the nature of the repair, the specialist's experience, and any parts that need replacing. For a precise estimate, submitting your request on our platform and reviewing the proposals you receive is recommended.

How do I pay for the mobile phone repair specialist found on inDrive.Services?

Payments are made directly to the mobile phone repair specialist. While inDrive.Services facilitates connections with professionals, all financial transactions and negotiations happen directly between clients and specialists.
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