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Любовь Ц.

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Жеке куәлігі тексерілген
Здравствуйте.Имеем большой опыт работы.Не имеем вредных привычек.К работе подходим ответственно.Если вы приняли наше предложение будьте готовы по окончанию работы сразу ее оплатить.Не спешите сеять негатив и оставлять отрицательные отзывы.Если вам что-то не понравилось свяжитесь напрямую.Мы всегда все исправим.
Приехали в назначенное время, оперативно все вынесли, очень вежливые! Спасибо!
Зарина, 1 ай бұрын

Мейрлан Б.

27 шолу
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Жеке куәлігі тексерілген
Опыт работы 10лет.
спасибо большое за выполненную работу, сделали всё добросовестно, рекомендую
Виталий Андрис, 26 күн бұрын
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Астана қаласында «Қоқыс шығару»

How can I hire a service for construction waste removal through inDrive.Services?

The process of hiring a service for construction waste removal is simple and convenient. Just follow these steps:
  • Go to our platform inDrive.Services and specify your location in Astana.

  • Fill out a brief form with the details of your waste removal request.

  • Submit the request and start receiving offers from specialists within 5 minutes*.

  • Choose the most suitable specialist based on rating, reviews, experience, and price.

What timeframe can I expect for the completion of a construction waste removal order in Astana?

The timeframe for completing an order can vary depending on the volume of waste and your schedule. However, specialists strive to ensure prompt order fulfillment to meet the needs of customers as quickly as possible.

What is the average price for construction waste removal services in Astana?

Rates for construction waste removal services can vary depending on the volume of waste, the distance of the site, and other factors. Usually, rates start from 2,000 tenge, but it's best to discuss the exact cost with the chosen specialist; simply select the "Negotiable" option when setting the price.

Can I request additional services related to construction waste removal?

You can request additional services such as cleaning after waste removal or services for dismantling and removing specific construction materials. Discuss your requirements with the chosen specialist, and they will provide you with detailed information about the available services.

What are the advantages of using inDrive.Services to order construction waste removal services in Astana?

Our platform inDrive.Services provides several advantages:
  • Simple and fast service ordering process without any hassle.

  • Quick responses: receive initial offers from specialists just 5 minutes* after submitting your request.

  • Selection based on ratings, reviews, experience, and prices that match your needs.

  • Flexibility in setting prices: customers can discuss the cost directly with the specialist, and payment is made without intermediaries.

How can I be sure of the reliability and quality of the construction waste removal service through inDrive.Services?

All specialists providing services on our platform undergo a thorough document verification process by the security system. We also provide the opportunity to review ratings and reviews from previous clients, which helps you make an informed decision when choosing a specialist for construction waste removal.
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