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What factors should be considered when choosing a hairdresser in Atyrau?

Before choosing a hairdresser, we recommend familiarizing yourself with their profiles to determine their skills and areas of expertise. This will ensure your match with a professional who meets your specific needs. Additionally, check customer ratings and reviews, and don't hesitate to request a consultation to assess your compatibility with the master.

Do your hairdressers offer services to clients at home and in salons in Atyrau?

Of course! inDrive.Services provides hairdressers and stylists who can come to your home, office, hotel, or event in Atyrau. Many also work in professional salons, giving you the option to choose your preferred location for interaction with the master.

How can I book hairdressing services through inDrive.Services?

Booking the perfect hairdresser or barber on our platform is a simple process. Just follow these steps:
  • Choose the "Hairdressers" service.

  • Fill out a brief form with details of your service request.

  • Submit your request and receive offers from professionals approximately 5 minutes* after sending the order.

  • Choose the most suitable specialist based on their rating, reviews, portfolio, profile, and prices.

Is it safe to order hairdressing services through inDrive.Services in Atyrau?

We verify each master upon registration on the inDrive.Services platform. This includes identity verification and document verification.

Why should I use our platform to find hairdressing services in Atyrau?

There are several compelling reasons to choose our platform for booking qualified hairdressers and stylists, ensuring top-notch service:
  • Save time with our fast and simple service request process, receiving offers from professionals in just 5 minutes*.

  • Choose the best hairdressers based on authentic reviews, verified experience, and prices that match your needs.

  • Maintain control over expenses by discussing the final budget directly with the master, without intermediaries and additional commissions.

Can I book hairdressers for events and preparation of multiple people, such as a wedding party or corporate event?

Many of the hairdressers have the equipment and resources to conduct group preparation for events. You can specify the number of people and the type of services required when submitting your application.
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